Practical support during the first stage of the settling in process
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Do you feel like you have a never ending ‘TO DO’ list and you don’t know where to start anymore? ExpatsandCo will support you in this first phase of the settling in process so you can make your new house quickly feel like a home. Nothing is more important than a safe haven for you and your family.

From House to Home

Lets Create Your Cozy Home in 4 Steps with the A.S.A.P. Method





Analyze and Prioritize

Analyze and Prioritize, that’s were it’s all about in Step 1.

We are going to have a closer look at your everlasting ‘TO DO’  List and define the current situation. Goals will be set for the weeks to come. All with just one major goal in mind and that is to change your new House into your new Home!



A Strategy will save Energy…. Energy which you can use while landing in your new surroundings. Not only physically but also mentally.

ExpatsandCo will help you to create an organization plan to smoothen the moving in process. Let’s visualize how you see your new Home and how we can organize that.

This step doesn’t have to take that long. Skipping this step might create chaos, not only in your house but  also in your mind.



Now we have the organizational plan in place, we can unpack the moving boxes! ExpatsandCo will make sure that your plan will be reality! Your new house will turn more and more into your new HOME.


Be PROUD of yourself! You made it! Your new House has changed into your new HOME. A very important milestone after your move to The Netherlands. What’s more important, you created a safe haven for you and your family.