August 2018


The family of five, wife, husband and three kids moved from London to Haarlem due to the assignment of the husband. They rented a house near Haarlem city center.

Mr. G. had to fly back to London, for a few days, to work at the UK office, the day after the family moved to Haarlem.

Mrs. G. felt a bit overwhelmed by the move and was looking for help to unpack the moving boxes as soon as possible. She put a post on Facebook and got into contact with ExpatsandCo.

“As a result of hiring Elsa from ExpatsandCo, the unpacking went much quicker. Super great because on my own it would cost me at least two weeks. Something I didn’t want.

While we were unpacking the moving boxes I could ask Elsa all kind of practical issues, like how do I hang paintings on the wall without damaging the walls or where can I bring paper and plastic to?

We started to unpack the boxes in the kitchen. When that was ready we started to unpack the boxes in the living. After that Elsa helped me to unpack the moving boxes in my bedroom.

In the meantime, Elsa, with her local knowledge, answered a lot of my questions.

Another benefit is the fact that Elsa offers tailor-made services. in my case, unpacking the moving boxes as soon as possible.

I would recommend Elsa from ExpatsandCo to anyone who just landed in Haarlem and feels overwhelmed by the move. The services ExpatsandCo offers fit around the needs of the client.

Elsa is friendly and easy to work with!”

Miss R. from the UK, building a life in the Haarlem Area together with her German partner about ExpatsandCo:

” I knew the services ExpatsandCo offers could hit my pocket. But was it worthwhile? Yes, it certainly was.

I would face problems coming to live in a new country, I knew that, but I couldn’t imagine it would be that hard. I completely lost structure in my life after I quitted my job in the UK to start a new life in the Haarlem Area together with my German partner. I don’t know anyone here yet and I can’t speak Dutch. I knew I had to arrange some issues but I felt so lost, I didn’t know where to begin. 

Elsa from ExpatsandCo sat down with me and took a lot of pressure I felt, away. I had to arrange a health insurance, among other things, but did not know where to start. Elsa explained how the Dutch Health Insurance system works and together we chose an insurance which would fit into my personal situation. Furthermore Elsa gave some options as to where to follow a Dutch language course.

The nice thing of getting support from ExpatsandCo is the fact that I don’t have to bother my partner or family. Elsa saw my problems from a different, practical prospective.

I would recommend ExpatsandCo to other expat spouses/partners. Elsa is a warm, friendly lady. The consultations were informal which I liked very much. She does understand where I was coming from and offered me her support… I was relieved, that by the support of ExpatsandCo, I accomplished some major important issues.”

Originally from Iran, mr. K. has lived in the Netherlands for quite some time and is the owner of a small business. He needed help with getting information on several matters related to his wife who had had arrived from Iran to live with him in The Netherlands. Since he works alone in his hair salon, he did not have time to sort things out.

This is what mr. K. says about his experience with ExpatsandCo:

“If I hadn’t known Elsa already for some time, hiring someone to look things up for me and my wife would have been an obstacle. Why? Because I wouldn’t have wanted to share details such as my mobile phone number or any other personal information with someone I didn’t know. 

Due to the fact that I run my business all by myself, I didn’t have the time to look up all the things to do with the permanent stay of my wife in The Netherlands. 

Elsa did this for me. I was satisfied with the result. She understood what kind of services I was looking for at this point, she works fast and offers excellent services.

On top of that, she has a clear view on subjects like finding a female doctor. She kept me informed and is very focused.

I would recommend Elsa to couples who are in the same position as we are. If you, as a partner, have no time to sort things out, and/or do not have enough knowledge on certain subjects, Elsa will be the person who can help you. To me ExpatsandCo stands for good service, personal attention, credibilityand reliability.

I will promote her among my clients as I have many expat customers.”