Let's explore the shops!

Are you having a hard time finding out where you can buy the basics in your town? ExpatsandCo will give an answer to your questions.

I will be your temporary Co-pilot who will navigate you through the day-to-day needs of your life.

It will not take long before you get to know the stores and feel at ease running errands like the locals do.


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Coffee & Apple Pie

Let's Find Out Where You Can Buy The Basics using The A.S.A.P. Method

In no time you will feel like a local running errands

ANALYZE before Explore

I, your Co-Pilot, will sit with you and listen while you explain what kind of info you are looking for when it comes to your basic needs.

Your needs will be bundled per subject. After that we will prioritize as to what kind of shops you want to visit.

Let’s move on!

Strategy saves Energy

Now we have structured your wishlist of basic needs, we will make a plan to explore the shops. Me, your Co-Pilot at ExpatsandCo will sit with you and make a rough plan as where the shops are located in your town.

This way we will explore the shops in an efficient way. After all this strategy will save energy…

Action, let's hit the road

It’s time for some action! We can explore your town by bike, car or simply by foot.

If you find out that something is missing on your list, no problem! We just add it to your wishlist and I will tell you were to find it.

During the Basic Guidance Tour you will get an idea of what kind of shops and services are close by.

Do you have questions on how things work, I will be there to explain.


Be PROUD! What might seem to be a hurdle, has just been solved! You at least know where to run your errands which meets your basic needs.

Time for some coffee or tea and Dutch Apple Pie. This one is on the house….!