I believe in Happy Landings!

If you feel overwhelmed after you have arrived in The Netherlands, and the Triangle Area Haarlem – Den haag – Leiden – Amsterdam in particular, local practical support might be the answer!  It’s my mission to help you, the expat spouse/partner, to get your life back on track as soon as possible.

The services I offer are all based on the three key words CARE – CONNECT- SHARE.




Let me introduce myself,

I am Elsa Wattimurij, professional organizer at ExpatsandCo. As your local Co-pilot I will assist you when it comes to getting organized while settling in.

I studied Anthropology at Leiden University but left before graduation to start work at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. At KLM, an internationally oriented company, I worked with expats of different nationalities. I know what kind of issues they were dealing with living in The Netherlands on a temporary basis.

The common thread throughout my study and work at KLM is the fact that I have always been interested in other cultures.

Working for an airline gave me the opportunity to travel to different destinations throughout the world and experience other cultures.

I am an enthusiastic professional organizer trained by one of the most successful professional organizers in The Netherlands, Dr. Els Jacobs.

I would love to help YOU, the expatspouse/partner, get organized when settling in.

As soon as the basics have been accomplished, you can focus on how to get YOUR life back on track again in your host country The Netherlands and the Triangle Area Haarlem – Den Haag – Leiden – Amsterdam in particular.

I love to help you when you need it!